Tom Evangelidis: Façade Exhibition

 This collection of photographs is a celebration of the eclectic architectural styles that sit awkwardly side by side in cities around the world.
Façade is a selection of architectural portraits that sit in strict contrast to commercial representations of architecture. Using traditional techniques and large-scale reproductions Evangelidis’ aim is to make the spectator feel a part of what is being photographed with an almost tangible sense of location and scale.

Tom Evangelidis rejects this candy-coated world of architectural perfection in favour of a style that’s relentlessly honest and unapologetically raw. He is drawn to the details that give our urban landscape its character and richness – the unsightly garbage dumpsters that sit jarringly beside cathedrals of flawless beauty; the peeling paint that curls from the doors of once luxurious homes; and the concrete monstrosities that loom above vast industrial wastelands.

It is here hidden amongst the debris that our cities reveal their humanity. Beneath the layers of crumbling plaster we uncover tales of poverty, hardship and survival. Scattered between austere Communist monuments we find evidence of political glory and economic defeat chronicled side by side. Behind the walls of houses sighing visibly with age, we find stories of strength, endurance and pride.

Façade documents an eclectic mix of architectural eras from the gothic beauty of the 13th century to the ornate decadence of the 18th century and the austere classicism of the Communist era in the 20th century. The photographs were snapped in Prague, Bucharest, Hanoi, St Petersburg, Sofia, Istanbul and Havana – a reflection of the photographer’s fascination with the toll time wreaks on glorious architectural movements throughout history.

As a photographer, Evangelidis is fascinated by the evolution of architecture and its intricate links with politics, culture and class. He approaches major public installations with the same respect as humble, ramshackle homes because he understands they are equally important in documenting the progression – and decline – of history. As a collection, Façade celebrates the colourful patchwork of architectural styles that coexist in the world’s cities. It reflects our fascination with the art of architecture in both the public and private sphere, and is a comprehensive historical record of architectural trends and forms and the humanity revealed within.

"entranced by the scale, colour and texture… a fine example of a visual ambition finely realised" Robert McFarlane, Sydney Morning Herald

"the scale of Evangelidis’s photos succeeded in making the spectator feel a part of what is being photographed… the richness of his colour... An exquisite photo archive… a handsome collection’" Paul Mc Gillick, Habitus

"Evangelidis sensitively presents colour and atmosphere… the viewer is seduced.’" Tom Fanti, Photofile

Tom Evangelidis: Façade Exhibition
Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse

Dates:  13/07–08/08/10
Official Site:

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