Land of the Lost

Is Will Ferrell past his use by date? In this movie remake of a remake, Ferrell mirrors the old studio system where a role and persona is created by a studio for a specific star who then churns out product in the same vein for the majority of his or her career. Land of the Lost was first a radio show in the forties, then a TV series in the seventies and then again in the nineties and now in the year 2009 has become a movie.

 This time around the story revolves around crazy scientist Rick Marshall (Ferrell) who has invented a machine called the Tachyon Amplifier. This machine eventual transports the scientist, his spunky sycophantic fellow scientist Holly Cantrell (Anna Friel of Pushing Daisies) and accidental passenger Will Stanton (Danny McBride of Pineapple Express) into a parallel universe.

 Once they arrive in this parallel universe the fun really begins and since no human has ever documented an actual parallel universe, the filmmakers can and do go crazy. Mixing different time frames and creatures, you get dinosaurs and extra terrestrials alongside fifties highway diners and modern day motels. This crazy mix also gives the film its major appeal.

 This imaginative on-screen world is actually quite a bit of fun and while not all the visual gags work, the film is far more comfortable and fun to watch while in this world. The set-up to arriving in this world is as preposterous as can be and strains Ferrell’s appeal to the limit but once in the fantasy realm his particular brand of self-embarrassing humor is far more successful. Ferrell’s time of irrelevance will most certainly come and probably rather soon for now however, his work is saved by the imagination of the folks behind this project.
Rob Hudson
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