Kingdom Of Rust – Doves

Sometimes a band can have all the ingredients for global success and all it really takes is for listeners to spend the time to really absorb their work. Sure many bands try the approach of writing instantly appealing little ditties then after a few spins, the listener really has nowhere to go. The Doves have always made music that is appealing at first but really stakes its claim after repeated listens. In these times of ADD listeners, can this formula work?

 With Kingdom Of Rust, the band doesn’t deviate from past formulas much and raise the question, how much success is really enough? In a musical world where bigger is almost never better (quality of music wise) they have produced a work that more solidifies their good traits while working in just a few challenges to the status quo.

 The soaring harmonies and pop smarts are there in force and the instrumentation is subtle when needed but also muscular when called for. This is a band that has learned more of both studio craft and song writing skills as their career has progressed.

 It remains to be seen if this approach will ga
rner the band the numbers they want or even define the level of success they desire. They will soon be here in Australia to play a series of gigs including an appearance at Splendor in the Grass. If they deliver assertive and interesting sets it could go a long way towards listeners giving them the time they deserve.
Rob Hudson

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Doves – Kingdom of Rust Music Video

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