LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

Tic-tock, tic-tock, the alarm goes off and it’s another day with only music to shine a light on my dull corner cubicle. The best thing that ever happen to data processing in general and to my job in particular is when the powers to be started allowing us to use personal sound systems. Today the e-buds will be rocking the new LCD Soundsystem.

Opening track, Dance Yrself Clean and my second coffee of the day are a perfect match. From the slow and quiet intro that percolates just like my golden brown liquid does before it breaks out into a keyboard driven roll of the dice. By the time the vocals get insistent, the caffeine is kicking in and the morning isn’t a compete loss.

The hangover dream that is Drunk Girls rings in my ears and must have been written with my day in mind. Its syncopation totally in time with the sway of the hips in my raging daydream. It’s amazing how much the mind can wander while still performing left brain actions.

With One Touch, the numerals in my mind pop through my fingertips and get turned into zeros and ones. All I Want is all I really want and then it’s already time for morning break. I have to tell everyone the bass notes coming from my direction aren’t farts but I accomplish this with aplomb and don’t even have to turn the volume down.

I Can Change, I know I can. I’ll have a better work ethic. I’ll live the IKEA perfect existence and even recycle my plastics. Sprinkled doughnuts and You Wanted A Hit are the confections of a mid-day sugar binge. I beat the tribal drums and the F11 key incessantly while Pow Wow plays. Electro high hats and staccato rim shoots was that the music or my head?

Somebody’s Calling Me to finish on time so they can get home and cuddle the kids, while my post-work activities will involve less holding and more clutching. On the bus Home, the mad maracas meltdown helps me to forget the forgettable but retain the tunes.

Wow I only had to listen to this album six times to make it through the day. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.
Seventies Simon

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